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Here shall we host those Valentine's Day Jokes Funny pictures and General V-day Humor that we have received over the years.
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 For some reason people seem to take this holiday a tad more seriously (go figure) then others, so we have decided to include
humor related to the age old Man vs. Woman Genre. Hope Ya Like It.

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Word of Advice

Do yourself a favor. Do not plan a wedding within two weeks prior to Valentine's Day.

You doom yourself to High priced anniversary gifts, Higher rates on Weekend getaways not to mention that every Kentuckian and there sister is making dinner reservations.

The weekend after and beyond should do you right.

Unless You actually tie the NOT on V-day. Then you may save money by cutting out an extra celebration each year.
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What is Love?

Maintaining my own body heat is something I do for me, not for us.  --  HOWLER

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Do You Smoke after sex?
I don't know I never checked.
Remember to practice safe sex.
Move the bed away from the wall.
They say ribbed for her pleasure,
But I wear them inside out.

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V-day Gun Sale
A Stronger Love
I Miss You
New Baby
Don't Ever Change
Take Me Back
All Your Base
Happy Heart

I Heart You
Turned On
Herby's Baby Mama
Cupid Takes Aim
V-day Flight Plan
Power of Love
One Lucky Woman
Not Hallmark
V-day Melons
V-day Card
True Love
Love Trooper

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